With more than 20 years of Pilates, Kathryn Bradney and Lucie Ryser (Certified IFAS Instructor), will provide you with a complete, authentic Pilates workout designed to strengthen and stretch the entire body while emphasizing breath, core conditioning and body awareness.

Pilates is a specialized form of impact-free, mind and body exercise. Stretch, strengthen, tone and elongate your muscles, all the while improving joint function and range of motion and restoring your proper alignment. Pilate’s body conditioning has been used by stars and professional dancers around the world and now is available to everyone.

We offer you – Pilates matwork I and Advanced Pilates matwork II.


12:30PM to 1:30PM Pilates (Rue Caroline) with Lucie Ryser

CLASS PRICES (per month)
1 class per week 90.-fr.

Individual Class 30.-fr.

A trial class is available to individuals interested in improving their body and mind through Pilates.