Lucie Ryser was born in the canton of Fribourg.

After artistic gymnastics, she discovered dance at the age of 8, at Monique Van de Roer’s school where she took classes in classical, modern, contemporary, jazz, funky and tap dance. She was then accepted into the pre-professional section of the Freiburg Conservatory before joining, a few years later, the “Ballettschule Theater Basel” and then completing her training at the Igokat Dance Academy.

During these formative years, she was accepted into several internationally renowned internships, for example at the “Staatlische Ballettschule Berlin”, at the Gdynia Opera School and in Barcelona (IBStage). She dances pieces by various great choreographers (Georges Balanchine, Maurice Béjart, William Forsythe, Mats Ek, Akram Khan, Richard Wherlock, Marius Petipa).

In 2017, she was hired at the VM Ballet, in Toulouse.

She regularly follows training courses (muscle strengthening, prevention of injuries and pathologies, performance improvement From 2013, sports, learning anatomy and the body in motion) with Patrick Rump, director and expert in sports science who works with several dance companies around the world. She also benefits, in parallel, from private lessons with Brian Maloney (ex-soloist and teacher at the Royal Ballet) and Stéphanie Arndt (ex-principal dancer at the Hamburg Ballet and the Frankfurt Ballet).

In 2019, she followed a long pilates training course at Swiss Pilates & Yoga (Geneva), inspired by numerous physiotherapy techniques and was hired by her training director as a teacher and training assistant. She is certified as a Pilates teacher in July 2020 (diploma recognized by PMA, Pilates Method Alliance) and is currently completing yoga training at the same location.

In September 2020, she decided to resume her studies to become a physiotherapist, specializing in high-level sport, with the prospect of working in the world of dance.

She is currently a teacher at the Igokat Dance Academy and in various schools in Switzerland.